Frequently asked questions

General conference information

Who can attend the conference?

Any mental health or health practitioners with an interest in furthering their knowledge around interdisciplinary practice and collaborative care are encouraged to attend, particularly those with an interest in a team approach to providing mental health care.


Why attend the conference?

Attend the conference to:

  • learn about providing mental health support in a team care arrangement
  • learn about the expertise of a range of mental health disciplines
  • hear from, and ask questions of experts from a range of mental health disciplines
  • network with other practitioners from across the country.


Where is the conference being held?

The conference is held online, which means as long as you have registered, you can log in from anywhere you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with a high-speed internet connection.


What format will the conference take?

The conference will comprise at least nine live, interactive activities, plus a range of other opportunities for networking and self-directed professional development.

The conference program is currently in development. See the latest here.


When is the conference?

The conference's live, interactive professional development activities will be held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from Tuesday 21 May to Thursday 6 June 2019.

This microsite will host a range of other opportunities for networking and self-directed professional development during the conference.


Who is presenting at the conference?

The following presenters are involved in at least one activity within the conference:

Stream 1: Mental Health and the Military Experience

  • Scientia Professor Richard Bryant, psychologist
  • Professor Mark Creamer, clinical psychologist
  • Dr Jon Finch, psychologist
  • Dr Mary Frost, psychiatrist
  • Ms Kristi Heffernan, psychologist
  • Dr Cate Howell, GP
  • Dr Jon Lane, psychiatrist
  • Dr Brad Murphy, GP
  • Mr Phil Parker, GP
  • Dr Loretta Poerio, clinical psychologist
  • Ms Nicole Sadler, psychologist
  • Dr Duncan Wallace, psychiatrist.

Stream 2: Grief and Loss

  • Dr Cathy Andronis, GP
  • Dr Carolyn Breadon, psychiatrist
  • Ms Denise Donati, fertility nurse
  • Dr Jane Fisher, psychologist
  • Mr Chris Hall, psychologist
  • Dr Rod McKay, psychiatrist
  • Dr Monica Moore, GP and psychotherapist
  • Dr Ebonney van der Meer, GP
  • Dr Kay Wilhelm, psychiatrist
  • Ms Julianne Whyte, social worker

Trauma: The impact of adverse childhood experience

  • Mr Chris Dolman, social worker
  • Professor Kirsty Douglas, GP
  • Dr Elisabeth Hoehn, psychiatrist
  • Dr Nick Kowalenko, psychiatrist
  • Mr Daniel Moss, workforce development manager
  • Ms Nicola Palfrey, psychologist
  • Dr Mary Salveron, psychologist 
  • Ms Courtney Schuurman, social worker
  • Dr Pam Stavropoulos, psychologist
  • Dragan Zan Wright, psychotherapist


Why are the majority of conference sessions held after hours?

To accommodate the needs of practitioners who mostly work during the day, the majority of the conference activities will be held after office hours. This is to provide the opportunity for busy practitioners to participate from either home or work once their regular work day has finished.


Why is the conference being held over three weeks?

The Conference activities are being held at different times over a three week period to overcome the challenge of having to stay online for hours at a time.



When do registrations close?

Registrations close at 5 pm AEST on Friday 17 May. Please note registrations cannot be accepted after this date.


How much does it cost to attend?

The Australian Department of Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, and our collaborating partner Emerging Minds have all contributed to cover the cost of the Conference, making it free for practitioners to attend.


When can I register?

Registrations will open in February 2019 and close on Friday 17 May at 5pm AEST.


Can I register for a single content stream?

Yes. You can register for one, two or all three content streams.


Can I register for a single session within a content stream?

No. To attend any of the activities within a content stream you must register for the entire stream. While you must register for the whole content stream, you can pick and choose which activities from the content stream you attend.


What if I register but can’t attend?

If you find you can't attend either a particular activity that you register for, or the whole conference, you will be able to view and/or download the associated recordings and resources. These will be available to all registrants within a fortnight of the conference’s conclusion.



Do I need any special software to access a conference live session?

To participate in the majority of live broadcast activities you will only need a computer, tablet or phone with high speed internet access.

We’ll let you know in plenty of time if any activities require any particular software.


My internet is slow. Will I have trouble accessing the conference sessions?

You may experience difficulties accessing the live sessions if your internet service is poor. Wherever possible we will provide the option for you to dial in to a teleconference facility so you can listen to the sessions. Also recordings will be available afterwards for you to download and view at your leisure.


Can I log into the live conference sessions using my phone or tablet?

Yes. You can log into the live sessions using a computer, tablet or smart phone. However, if you are not connected to WIFI you will be using mobile data and depending on your data plan this may be expensive. 


Will I receive a Certificate for attending the conference?

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance noting all of the live sessions you attended during the conference. The certificate will be provided by 6 July 2019.


Does attending the Conference count towards my CPD?

MHPN is an authorised provider of accredited activities under the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. MHPN will liaise with the following organisations to determine eligibility for CPD recognition for attendance at the conference:

  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine 
  • Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists 
  • Australian College of Mental Health Nurses 

Any CPD endorsements from these organisations will be published on the conference website prior to the conference.

All other professions are encouraged to record their participation in the conference as they would for any other self-directed learning activity. To support this Certificates of Attendance will be issued.