Trauma: The impact of adverse childhood experiences - Activity Six

Panel discussion: Working with parents who experienced adverse childhood experiences

This activity is delivered via webinar at 7.15 - 8.30 pm AEST, Thursday 6 June.

How to access this activity

Provided you have registered for this stream, log into the webinar room from 6.45 pm AEST to view the broadcast. The link to the webinar room will be emailed to your registered email address, as well as made available on this page before the webinar is broadcast.


This activity will provide practical, cross-sector advice on how to engage adults who have been affected by adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), with a focus on the effects on parenting for adults who, as an outcome of childhood adversity, experience poorer economic and social outcomes.

Learning outcomes

At the activity’s completion participants will:

  • better understand how the long-term effects of ACEs impact on adults and their parenting, and the therapeutic approaches that help overcome these impacts
  • be able to implement tips and strategies to support adults and parents to make meaning of their adverse childhood experiences
  • ensure a practitioner focus on children’s social and emotional wellbeing when working with parents who have been affected by ACEs.


  • Mr Daniel Moss, panel facilitator, Emerging Minds Workforce Development Manager

  • Dr Nick Kowalenko, NSW-based psychiatrist

  • Ms Courtney Schuurman, SA-based social worker

  • Ms Mary Salveron, SA-based provisional psychologist

Before the activity starts