Grief and Loss - Activity Seven

Panel discussion: Disenfranchised Grief: Exploring the impact of infertility on mental health

This activity is delivered via webinar at 7.15 - 8.30 pm AEST, Wednesday 5 June.

How to access this activity

Provided you have registered for this stream, log into the webinar room from 6.45 pm AEST to view the broadcast. The link to the webinar room will be emailed to your registered email address, as well as made available on this page before the webinar is broadcast.


An interdisciplinary panel of content experts will engage in a case-based discussion sharing their insights into supporting someone who is experiencing infertility-related disenfranchise grief.

Learning outcomes

At the activity’s conclusion, participants will be able to:

  • describe the complex relationship between grief and loss, mental health and infertility as well as the risk factors for and warning signs of mental illness in persons experiencing grief and loss by way of infertility
  • describe the challenges, merits and opportunities in evidence-based approaches deemed most effective in treating and supporting people experiencing mental health issues related to infertility
  • better target referrals for people experiencing mental health issues related to infertility as a result of an improved understanding of the role of different disciplines.


  • Dr Ebonney van der Meer, panel facilitator, Qld-based GP

  • Dr. Carolyn Breadon, Vic-based psychiatrist

  • Denise Donati, Qld-based fertility nurse

  • Dr. Jane Fisher, Vic-based psychologist

Before the activity starts